Vol. 23  No. 5 September - October 2015

Cover Story

Medical Tubing And Extrusion Technology

The Medical Tubing segment comprises the most dynamic area in the medical devise landscape. Advances in extrusion technology are aiding the evolution of plastic tubing with latest developments that include…

Tubes and Catheters Sizing

The catheter sizing classification most commonly used in the medical industry is the French ( Fr ) scale, also known as...

Medical Tubing : Materials and Applications

Wide range of medical applications and respective medical grade polymers in use...

MPDS Supplier Bulletin : Medical Tubing And Extrusion Technology

The bulletin features domestic and international sources for medical tubing and extruded products.

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Make In India : From Slogan To Policy Implementation

- Shri Rajiv Nath, Forum Coordinator, Association Of Indian Medical Device Industry (AIMED) Shri Rajiv Nath shares his vision, “India Amongst Top 5 Manufacturing Hubs of Medical Devices”, and suggests what it takes to convert this vision into reality...

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Global Trends

Safety Considerations Related To Misconnections Between Medical Devices

The use of common connector designs, such as Luer connectors, has led to unintended connections devices that have...

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Industry News
  • Promote Components And Ancillary Industry To Achieve ‘Make In India’ For Medical Equipment And Devices, Recommends CII

  • CII MTD Division Wants Separate Marketing Code For Medical Device Industry

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Did You Know?

About Hospital Errors on Medical Tubing Killing Patients

About Hospital Errors on Medical Tubing Killing Patients Hundreds of deaths and serious injuries can be attributed to mix-ups with similar looking types of medical tubing. Experts and standards groups have long advocated that tubes for different purposes be made so that they are incompatible with each other-just as different nozzles at gas stations prevent drivers from using the wrong fuel...

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